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Rebate Processing

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable

EGIA’s rebate processing system has been designed to ensure accurate, timely payment of qualifying purchases and prompt and courteous follow-up. It is supported by a superior database management system that significantly reduces the chance of errors by automating most of the system functions.

Our rebate processing system is designed to cost-effectively process traditional mail-in applications, instant rebate coupons, bounty programs, sales staff incentives, wholesale or retail buy-downs and other innovative incentives specified by program sponsors. The system also provides for 24/7 online application submittal and has a rebate reservation and/or pre-authorization process capability.

The rebate processing system is designed to accommodate and track outside funding such as state or community block grants, local government funds or to leverage funds provided by multiple organizations. EGIA’s rebate processing system and online application can deliver combined water/energy rebates and enables processing of applications with varying rebate levels by participating utilities/agencies.

An example of this is the online processing and reporting capability established for Metropolitan Water District, which provides drinking water to over 18 million Californians, delivered through 26 cities and over 170 individual water agencies. All participating agencies have the flexibility to offer varying rebate levels, special time sensitive promotions and are able to integrate and track funds from multiple funding sources.