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Rebate Administration

Design, Management and Execution

For decades, EGIA has implemented some of the country’s largest and most successful energy efficiency and water conservation rebate programs for utilities, water agencies, municipalities and state agencies. Over the years, EGIA has continuously strengthened its rebate processing and database management infrastructure and automated processes and today offers program sponsors and their customers the most secure, quality focused and cost effective rebate administration services.

EGIA’s years of experience administering a wide range of rebate programs, providing design flexibility tailored to program sponsor requirements, comprehensive and proven program administration and unparalleled service offers energy efficiency and water conservation program managers the clear EGIA advantage:

  • Over 30 years experience administering utility, water agency and state sponsored rebate programs.
  • A proven rebate management system that has resulted in the accurately and timely processing of over 2.5 million energy and water efficiency rebates in the past ten years alone.
  • Secure and accurate funds management systems that have safeguarded the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsored program funds.
  • High quality customer service that exceeds partner expectations.
  • Secure database management system designed to track and store data and generate accurate program reporting.