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The Electric & Gas Industries Association

With roots dating back to the original Gas & Electric Industry events of the early 1930’s, the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA) was officially formed by the 1966 merger of the Northern California Electrical Bureau and the Gas Appliance Society of California.

Originally headquartered in San Francisco, EGIA began as a non-profit membership association with the mission to help promote the sale of energy-efficient appliances for retailers throughout the state of California. By 1980, EGIA served a member base of more than 1,000 California appliance retailers.

Due to rapid organizational growth and an increasing national focus on energy efficiency, EGIA soon moved its headquarters to Sacramento California and expanded its focus to include the advancement of energy-efficiency through a nationwide network of Home Improvement Contractors.

Today, with thousands of member contractors, manufacturer and distributor partners, and utility and government clients nationwide, EGIA is one of the most robust and fastest growing energy-efficiency focused organizations in the country.