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Service Operations Excellence Workshop

February 28 – March 1, 2017 – Pleasanton, CA

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This EGIA core class is designed to help guide a company through developing a service department business plan and provides all the tools, processes and forms to execute the plan and achieve the service department goals. A detailed evaluation will be made of an effective service operation with guidance from the instructor in a “workshop” environment to help the company choose priorities and set goals to improve profitability. Together we will explore the intricacies of managing a profitable Service department, departmental goal setting, technician goal setting and most importantly technician training, hiring, recruiting, and development.

The class will also cover service pricing systems and labor rates, Service Agreement objectives and sales, the development of new customers through the service model, technician tracking and accountability systems, customer service processes and call taking – dispatching procedures. While more in-depth instruction will be presenting in EGIA’s educational classes specific to Pricing, CSR coaching and Service Agreement Sales, this class will nevertheless provide a meaningful overview of each. The class will allow each member to benchmark their service department and company needs and prioritize the goals for each with a focus on core improvements within the plan. Service managers and owners will benefit from this class.

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February 28 – March 1, 2017
Tuesday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesdayy: 8:00am – 5:00pm

DoubleTree by Hilton Pleasanton at The Club
7050 Johnson Dr
Pleasanton, CA 94588
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Registration is $1,500/person. Premium EGIA members can apply their EGIA Contractor University Training Investment Funds to cover this cost.

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The deadline to cancel your training registration without penalty is 15 days prior to the training start date. Registration cancellations received after the deadline will result in a loss of training funds. The full amount of training funds used to register for the training will be deducted from your account.

Gary Elekes

President, EPC Equity

Gary Elekes is serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping others become more successful by sharing what he has learned during his 20+ years working closely with all facets of the contracting industry. During his career, Gary has held senior management positions at Lennox and Service Experts. In 2000, Gary moved into entrepreneurship and started his training and consulting business EPC. Today, EPC continues to support growth oriented businesses aspiring to reach 20% EBIT. He also designed the very first web based learning platform for the residential contracting industry, which acts as a support system for training and learning in HVAC and plumbing trades, and has over 5,000 subscribers.

In 2003, Gary began acquiring contracting firms with a focus on developing turn-around opportunities. He also opened and operated several start-up businesses. In 2010, he added web design/SEO and online marketing to his company portfolio starting Imarket Solutions as a co-founder. Gary graduated from Ohio State University with a BSBA and also holds a Master’s Degree in Business and Finance.

Day 1 – Part 1:
Opening Remarks and Agenda Review
Day 1 – Part 2:
Seminar Objectives
Day 1 – Part 3:
Developing a Service Operating Plan
  • Financial Aspects of Service & Maintenance
  • Service Benchmarks, Better Practices & Key Performance Indicators
  • Benchmarking
    • Gap Analysis
    • Prioritization of your needs
  • The Business Model – Define your Company Business Model
  • Define your Main Company Goals – Specific Company Goals
  • Define your Service Department Operating Goals
Day 1 – Part 4:
Pricing / Pricing Strategies
  • Pricing Fundamentals
  • Service Labor Rate and Establishing Street Rates – Exercise
  • Parts Mark-up
  • Flat Rate Versus Time & Material
  • Service Agreements
    • Lost Leader – Growing Service Agreement Customer Base
Day 1 – Part 5:
Labor Management
  • Measuring Service Department Productivity
  • Reducing Service Demand Labor to 22% or Less of Sales
  • Labor Utilization
  • Labor Management Reports
Day 1 – Part 6:
Parts Management
  • Reducing Parts Cost to 13% or Less of Sales
  • Standardized Truck Stock
  • Generic Parts
  • Truck Replenishment
  • Inventory Management
Day 1 – Part 7:
Service Department Operations (Processes)
  • Service Call process
  • Customer Service Representative Practices
  • Dispatching Practices
  • Debriefing Process
  • The Perfect Service Call & Training Procedures
Day 2 – Part 8:
Service Agreement Approach and Lead Generation for Replacement
  • Types
  • Strategy
  • Metrics and Standards
  • Operational Formula
  • Technician Training Model, Compensation & Productivity
Day 2 – Part 9:
Technician Accountability Systems
  • Tracking & Daily Huddles
  • Use of tracking and goal board tools
  • Training for Customer Relations
Day 2 – Part 10:
Technician Sales
  • Technician Selling Processes / Support Materials
    • Selling Processes & Repair Versus Replace Rules
    • Sales Support Material
    • Technician Sales Plans
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