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Transworlds Systems Inc.

Debt Collection Services

Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier!

Ever struggle to find the time to contact customers regarding late payments? Previously available only to Transworld Systems largest clients, Accelerator is now available to all EGIA members. If you’re looking for an easier, more cost effective way to systematically stay on top of your in-house billing follow up process – the wait is over.

Accelerator guarantees to make at least five contacts, every 5 or 7 days, with your customers. All contacts are in YOUR COMPANY’S NAME. Accelerator starts early when there‚Äôs the best chance of quick recovery. 100% of all money recovered is sent directly back to the EGIA member.

Transworld Systems Inc. has developed a diplomatic third-party approach designed to recover your money without alienating your customers. We offer the power of leveraging THIRD PARTY INTERVENTION, which gets substantially better results than collection efforts from your own office staff or traditional percentage collection agencies. Since starting our company in 1970, our legal written demands are a proven and effective method of getting your non-paying customers to pay you directly.

Profit Recovery guarantees to make at least five contacts, every 10 days, with your customers. Each legal written demand comes from a third party, “Transworld Systems Inc. A Collection Agency”. Best of all, you are in control of the process at all times, deciding which customers to contact and when. 100% of all money recovered is sent directly back to the EGIA member.

As a last resort you can transfer your toughest accounts to the COLLECTIONS, verbal demand stage, where a professionally trained Transworld Systems collector will contact your customer directly. If necessary we can proceed through the litigation and legal process on your behalf.

Our Accelerator and Profit Recovery services are good for 2 years or up to the number of accounts, whichever occurs first. Our fees are fixed, regardless of the balance size or the location of the account. 100% of all money collected goes directly back to the EGIA member. Collection verbal demands stage is on a contingency percentage basis at 50%. If no money is collected, their is no charge for the collection service.

Special Offer
for EGIA Members

Transworld Systems Inc, is offering special pricing to the members of EGIA. This special pricing will be less than current Transworld Systems Inc. standard “Street” pricing.

Special pricing per account offered to EGIA members during the 2016 calendar year will be as follows:

Number of Accts.
50 to 249

Special Price

Standard “Street” Price
$16.00 – $14.25

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For more information, contact:

All EGIA agreements must be accepted and processed by John Orozco, Transworld Systems Inc. Account Representative to receive EGIA special pricing.